MultiBrax MB 650 MV MultiGrinder attachment

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This unique MultiGrinder attachment changes a common, adjustable angle grinder into a belt file, a fillet weld grinder and a Roloc grinder.

Characteristics: Attachment for use on angle grinder models Ø 125 mm with vario speed
Mounting: M14-thread (metric) oder 5/8-11“ (imperial)
Models: Grinding attachment as belt file
Grinding attachment as fillet weld grinder
Grinding attachment as Roloc grinder
Weight: Belt file attachment: 0,92 kg
Fillet weld / Roloc grinder attachment: 1,15 kg
(Total: 1,63 kg + angle grinder)
 Dimensions: 35,5 x 8 x 6,2 cm (L x H x W)         (data without angle grinder)
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The MultiGrinder offers many possible uses because it can be used as a variety of grinding devices. In addition to the large area of ​​application, the MultiGrinder has some special features:


as belt file

  • Application of common belt dimensions (Width: 6 - 15 mm, length: 520, 533, 610 and 650 mm)
  • The straight belt guide reduces the load on the belt closures
  • Due to the concave and cross-knurled drive wheel, a centric belt run is guaranteed
  • A wearing down of the grinding belt is nearly impossible due to the optimal spring tension.

as fillet weld grinder

  • This patented, low multifunctional roll (35 mm) allows working in angles, as e.g. at assembled hand rails
  • The slim design in combination with the small unitized compact discs (90 mm) allows working at hard-to-reach areas, as e.g. on fillet welds
  • The protective pipe over the driving beltprovides a higher occupational safety and a better handling.

as Roloc grinder

  • This patented, low multifunctional roll (35 mm) allows working with Roloc discs and also allows working in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Versatile application possible in tooling, mould construction, mechanical engineering, container, model, plane and engine construction
  • With adapter ZN 300 the direct inserting on the M 14 threaded spindle of the angle grinder is possible
  • Simple assembly, no tools required
  • High-quality, sturdy but light attachment
  • The protective pipe provides a higher occupational safety and a better handling
  • Contact arm and protection pipe are easily exchangeable due to the newly designed quick-change system
  • The slim design allows working in hard-to-reach areas


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