MultiBrax - The efficient grinding system.

Innovative, versatile grinding system.

Imagine you had a system offering countless grinding applications. Imagine you were able to solve current challenges faster and easier with this system. Imagine this system is stowed in two small stackable boxes and would reduce the number of service boxes for maintenance work. Imagine this system was by far much cheaper than all machines you knew before.

This vision has now come true because all these features are now being offered by the patented MultiBrax®system, developed and manufactured in Germany. Test the advantages and convince yourself!

Drive unit = angle grinder

The MultiBrax® attachments fit many standard models, which you can find in our adapter list. If your model is not listed, please ask.

vario speed
125 mm Ø

Do you already have an angle grinder?

Check the requirements for our MultiBrax attachments here:

Attachments for your angle grinder:

MultiBrax attachments - To break new ground

Attachments in use

Attachment MB 650 MV

Attachments MB 650 RV2

Attachment MB 650 SV

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Newsletter subscription

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