Quick clamping system - Roloc

Roloc Ceramic discs GB 663

Grain:              Ceramic grain /corundum

Backing:         Sturdy…

Roloc Clean & Strip Discs GB 683 O with ceramic grain

Clean & Strip discs are perfectly suitable for quick cleaning and grinding…

Roloc Clean & Strip discs GB 683

For removing of heavy corrosion, rolling skin on hot-rolled steels and and…

Roloc Mini-Disc GB 653 L

Suitable for fine grinding and polishing works. In combination with the…

Roloc Non-woven combi discs GB 633

The Roloc Non-woven Combi discs GB 633 provides the unique application…

Roloc Non-woven discs GB 613

Reinforced non-woven discs for aluminium, steel, stainless steel and…

Roloc Nylon circular brush GB 608

Nylon threads, penetrated with silicon carbide for deburring, derusting,…

Roloc circonium discs GB 653

Grinding wheels for steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium. High…

Roloc-felt disc GB 607

Suitable for fine grinding and polishing work. In combination with the…

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