Adapter with M14 thread ZB 300

for Roloc resp. Socatt back up pad

Angle grinder Flex Inox LE

Type:  Flex Inox LE 14-07
Disc diameter:  125 mm

Cloth polishing rollers PB 100

For polishing stainless steel and coloured metals.

Elastic grinding block ZB 910

High-gloss polishing paste PB 400, pink

for polishing stainless steel and coloured metals

Interchangeable flanges ZB 600 + ZB 610

for untized compact discs

Mandrel ZB 100 + ZB 110

For Clean & Strip discs

Microfiber cloth blue PB 800

For dry and wet application

MultiBrax® MB 650 SV Holding mandrel

The new, revolutionary clamping mandrel allows the fast changing of the…

Stainless steel adhesive tape KB 476

for miter grinding

Universal cleaner PB 600

  •  Neutralises electrolyte residues
  • The modern alternative to Wiener Kalk…

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