2020-03-01 General

new catalog 2020

We are proud to present our new price / stock catalog with a new sales concept, a world first, new products and a new price structure.

Individual product labeling with your branding

Make your product distinctive and benefit from the advantages of labeling your GeBrax grinding tools. You can find more information in the catalog from page 24.

World first

Get to know the unique MB 650 BV electric band file with the new Suhner drive motor. Convince yourself of the advantages of the MB 650 BV band file and convert the band file into a fillet weld grinder or a Roloc grinder without tools. From page 44 of the catalog, you will receive further information or be inspired by the application video on our homepage.

New products

You will find our new products from page 18. Test our new, neutral abrasive belt qualities GB 11 AY, GB 21 AGY, GB 51 CY and GB 51 ZY. You should also not miss our new high-performance fiber disc ceramic grain GB 51 CFS.

New pricing structure

A new price catalog is usually associated with price increases. GeBrax goes different ways! We have left no stone unturned and created a new price structure (special agreements remain unaffected).

The following products were completely recalculated and some of them could be reduced considerably:

Satinizing rollers GB 710 + GB 730 page 54/55
Flap sander GB 840 page 64
SCD non-woven discs GB 610 page 83
Abrasive belts:
3 M 237 AA page 102
R 822 page 108
R 929 page 109
3 M SC-BL page 115
3 M SC-BS page 116
AN 702 page 117
PN 721 page 121

You can find the right product quickly and easily in the new series register on pages 4 + 5.

GeBrax, your abrasive converter, offers you a complete program and supports you with the implementation of your projects with heart and passion.

Trust the GeBrax team and become a partner!

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