non-woven fabric rollers GB 729

Kennung: 11510019

Gruppen: Non-woven products , Satin Finishing Rollers


Ideal for removing fine scratches, for satin-finishing and fine grinding. More material compared with conventional 100 type and 110 type rollers care for a longer tool life. Larger outer diameters reduce the heat during machining.

• Extremely durable due to double impregnation

• For achieving a matt finishing with hardly any transitions on stainless steel surfaces

• Easy assigning of the fineness structures due to colour marking

• High stock removal rate and long service life by means of abrasive cloth with ceramic grain.

Ø x width x boregritunititem number
115 x 100 x 19 mmorange / grit 60111510019ORANGE60
yellow / grit 120111510019GELB120
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