2015-08-26 Teaser

MultiBrax® Grinding System

After a successful launch of our tube belt grinder MB 650 RV in 2012, we are proud to present you an extension of our MultiBrax® grinding system.

The unique Multigrinder MB 650 MV consists of a Belt Grinder, a Fillet Weld Grinder and Roloc-disc Grinder. The new, innovative MultiBrax® grinding system is rounded off by the Satin Finisher MB 650 SV.

The system includes many advantages over conventional grinding systems:

- versatile, new grinding possibilities
- no tools chaos
- low acquisition and maintenance costs, as only one main engine is used
- simple, tool-free assembly
- working in narrow angles and hard-to-reach places
- reduction of machine cases during installation

Curious? You can convince yourself of the benefits of the MultiBrax® attachments in videos here on our homepage. Or secure today your own MultiBrax® grinding system and test for yourself the many possibilities. Click here for the contact persons for your order.

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