2015-08-26 Teaser

Innovation!! MultiBrax® mandrel with Roloc-application!

After a long development we look forward to the launch of our new MultiBrax® mandrel. This mandrel has several noteworthy features, which simplifies working with satin finishing rollers. Thanks to the flexible spring wedge it is compatible with 1-, 2- and 4- notch-systems. The MultiBrax® mandrel takes all rollers with 19 mm Ø! A fast assembly on the driving machine is made possible by the undercut and the thread. In no time the roller is ready for use. Another unique feature provides the head of the mandrel with its Roloc-application. Felt Roloc-discs can be mounted to prevent unwanted grinding marks while working angles. You can check out all the advantages here on our website and videos, or order today a MultiBrax® mandrel and test it yourself. Click here for the contact persons for your order.

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