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GeBrax GmbH: Innovative products for the professional Surface Finishing

Stainless steel is used in many areas of daily life due to its highly estimated material neutrality, corrosion resistance and durability. The professional surface treatment of precious metals requires special knowledge and a perfect interplay of craftsmanship and technical equipment. As a specialist for abrasives and machines for machining metal surfaces, GeBrax® from Freudenberg offers products and know-how with the quality standard "Made in Germany" from its own development and production.
The professional processing of metallic surfaces is always a special challenge. GeBrax GmbH from Freudenberg offers high-quality, innovative and first-class products for grinding, machining and polishing as a partner to the metal trade and industry.

Competence expansion through specialization
Founded in 1988 by Managing Director Gerd Hartmann under the name of BSK-Metallfinish as a classic trading company for dressing materials, abrasive products and adhesive tapes, the Siegerland family business reorganized its business activities in 2003 and became a manufacturer of abrasives and nonwovens.

Today's performance includes the manufacture of abrasive or non-woven tapes, in-house nonwoven folding roller production and the lamination, lamination and stamping of grinding tools for hand-held drive machines as well as for large stationary systems. Thanks to an extensive stock of raw materials and modern production facilities, GeBrax® can manufacture individual orders such as narrow, short or long tapes within a few days. In stock is available within one day. The customer base of the company, which was renamed to GeBrax GmbH in 2015, includes mechanical engineering as well as rolling mills or metalworking companies in Germany - from small tradesmen to small and medium-sized companies.

Complete solutions from a single source
The specialization on metal surfaces meant a competency expansion for the company. With experienced customer proximity, a keen eye and ear on the market and a high technical understanding, GeBrax® has been able to further expand its market position in recent years by developing innovative grinding systems and accessories. "Through our strong combination of developer, producer and supplier, we clearly stand out from the market," says Gerd Hartmann, Managing Director
out. "Innovative product solutions are our craft."

MultiBrax® grinding system - Innovation from Freudenberg
The GeBrax® products meet the most exacting requirements and set new standards in surface finishing. As a world novelty, the company presented a self-developed and patented grinding system at the Cologne Ironmongery Fair in early 2016, which sparked international interest.

Product innovation
"MultiBrax®" consists of three different pre-sets, which are placed on a speed-controlled angle grinder and thus enable five applications. "For the metalworking trades, the handy MultiBrax® system means a considerable cost savings and a reduction in the machine toolbox for special tools," Gerd Hartmann counts. In addition, there are technical advantages: the specially developed small attachments are designed in such a way that they enable a good processing even from narrow or difficult access points. A great added value for users.

Grinding seminars online and offline
The German-English homepage of the company provides information about the versatile grinding possibilities with MultiBrax®. Supported by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia and in cooperation with the University of Siegen, this was expanded by detailed "before and after tutorials" with step-by-step instructions. Practical knowledge transfer takes place in the company-owned training center "MultiBrax®-Schmiede" in Freudenberg or on request at the customer's place. "In line with our corporate credo, GeBrax® - the professional has a very high profile in the theory and practice of machining sheet metal, profiles and pipes by our application engineers", explains the managing director.
Winners of the Future
The know-how and the quality "Made in Germany" come to the national and international market. "The response to our grinding system is so great that we are even more encouraged to continue developing innovative products in the future," says Gerd Hartmann. Currently, the team is forging two patents with the aim of offering not only practical products, but new, revolutionary industry solutions made by GeBrax® for demanding professionals.

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