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GeBrax at "Night of Technology"

Koblenz "Night of Technology" fascinated thousands. 100 exhibitors and 75 events showed what is possible today - robotics as the main focus.

Koblenz, Germany. The "Nacht der Technik" ("Night of Technology") started in the centers of the Handwerkskammer (HwK) Koblenz in the August-Horch-Straße on Saturday. For ten hours until midnight, everything was about applied sciences and fundamental research, the latest findings of space research and all-earth phenomena, which are conveyed in an informative and entertaining way. This is not about dry matter, but knowledge gain with a high fun factor.

"The mix of show, lectures, experiments and information has not lost any of its attractiveness in the eleventh year and was convincing again," is the summary of Alexander Baden and Kurt Krautscheid, Chief Executive Officer and President of HwK Koblenz. "Interested people of all age groups, who can experience and experience live technology, are the best advertising for the crafts and also for the Chamber of Crafts Koblenz."

Exploding footballs, deep insights into distant galaxies and the seabed, welding under water, racing cars that could drive at top speeds thanks to vacuum under the hood, football playing robots, proof of gravitational waves, aliens in the Rhine or stories of pirates, Titanic & Co .: The program with 75 of its venues promised pure change. So it was not without coincidence that thousands of visitors wanted to see the now eleventh technology power.

More than 100 exhibitors participated in the "Nacht der Technik" ( "Night of Technology"), where the close networking of the trades with the universities in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate and leading technology manufacturers was clearly felt.

 In the program, audience lovers such as the science comedy group "Die Physikanten", as well as scientists, reported on their work in space as well as deep below sea level. Experts from crafts and research informed about future energy supply systems or self-propelled cars. Children, young people and adults were equally fascinated by what is possible today. The offer was immense. One could have stayed in the centers for days.

 "It is important to inspire enthusiasm for technology through the popular entry into the natural sciences. If this succeeds, many people land in the trade, "says Friedhelm Fischer, head of the metal and technology center and technology consultant Rolf Müller. The main goal of the "Night of Technology" is to promote the 130 craft trades. They could also be tried out at the "Techniknacht" alongside other classic crafts, but the main focus was on technical innovations. Among other things, it was noticeable that the topic of robotics played a very special role. For example, the Bingen Technical University had robots playing football against each other, while the Koblenz Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) demonstrated that robots are now able to remove obstacles in disasters.

 The lecture by Ulrich Eberl was one of the most sought after in technology night. The promoted scientist presented a robot, which could not only answer questions, but also move around the music. The remarks which followed then might disturb some. Robots can read and interpret images. And they can distinguish things and even recognize emotions. Progress will continue to accelerate as hardware and software services improve. Thus a computer in the year 2040 information about 10.000 times faster can process than today. This means that robots will soon be able to acquire their own knowledge from the Internet and thus replace entire professions - for example in the office.

 But there will still be people who teach the machines the most important skills. Also in the future, there will be craftsmen who are waiting and repairing the remote-controlled devices. The best of you will continue to qualify to engineers through a dual degree program. This fact also explains the strong presence of universities in the country in the night of technology. There is still a lot to be done. Despite the many progress, much is still very early. It will also be the task of practitioners with a craft background to open up new dimensions.

Conclusion: The Infotainment-Mix was a great opportunity for small and big visitors to experience the latest technology in one night, to get to know the exciting natural sciences and the professional fields of work - and of course have a lot of fun. The public's reactions showed that this bill was going on.

(Press release of the Handwerkskammer Koblenz - metal and technology center)

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